Reasons to Have a Kitchen Island

Without any arguments, all agree that kitchen islands are more and more popular. Apart from a stunning look, this is largely due to their practical, efficient and multi-purpose nature. Though you have any choice to have a kitchen island or not, consider the following four benefits of a kitchen island.

1. Kitchen islands can increase counter space

     More kitchen countertop space is equal to more room for chopping, stirring and assembling meals and serving dishes too. This additional space is practical and mostly showing a brighter and more convenient surface to work at or prepare meals.

2. Additional storage space

         If there is not enough space for the storage area in your kitchen, your problems will be solved using a kitchen island. If you dream to have a kitchen island with storage, you can design one with cabinets or shelving underneath or above it. There are limitless customizable storage options to consider as well anything from a built-in wine rack or coffee mug holder to hang utensil racks. You can find a range of kitchen island storage solutions to maximize any kitchen island space, whether in the form of cupboards, pull out bins, wide pan drawers or reduced width units.

3. Extra seating

        If there is no room for both and the space is limited, an alternative seating area for dining can be created using islands. It's also an excellent place for kids to do homework, watch their parents' cooking as well as learn to cook by themselves. Although your kitchen is small, a counter extension of the adjacent room can act as an island. Whether your space can seat 2 or 6, it's always a plus to be able to seat more people.

4. Kitchen islands create a  physical room divider

        Most of the homeowners appreciate islands in an open plan kitchen and living room setting since they create a physical separation between the kitchen and dining or living room. This eminence is more beneficial for firmly setting up the open space as two separate sites or zones. One is for working and cooking and the other is for relaxing. This arrangement is affable but acts as an obstacle to keep anyone not cooking at a safe distance on the other side of the island.

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