Factors to consider while Designing the kitchen

You must pay your special attention to the kitchen if you are planning to build a new house or renovate your existing home. Because the kitchen is the most functioning space in your house, and it is the center of the economy & health of your family. Therefore it is evident that you must pay more attention to the kitchen rather than the other places while constructing a house.
In the past, the kitchen is open only for family members, but nowadays it is not limited to family members, free for visitors also. Therefore, the kitchen is construct attaching to the living in modern houses.
Kitchen Design

There are some significant factors to consider while designing the kitchen.

·         Budget allocation & Lifestyle
·         Arrangements
·         Raw material to be used
·         Appliances to be used
·         finality & Safety

Budget allocation & Lifestyle

First of all, we should think about our budget for the kitchen. Design works should be done based on that allocation. Otherwise, we compel to suspend the kitchen construction in midway due to a lack of money. But it is impossible since we cannot be going to live in a house without a kitchen.
On the other hands, we shall consider the visitors we have. If we have many visitors & parties frequently, it requires a more spacious kitchen & comfortable cleaning facilities. Further, we have to pay our consideration about the number of family members would have to serve, storage facilities that we want & display items that we have, etc.…


Another the critical point is an arrangement of the kitchen. A suitable mechanism is the ability to reach every item in the kitchen & work efficiently. Otherwise, we are frustrating walking through the kitchen. Therefore it is evident that, if there is the right arrangement, the kitchen will take our complacency without any effort.
`Before arranging the kitchen needs to think about how we are going to work in the kitchen. As an example, we consider the process, take something from the kitchen, wash it at the sink & cook in cooker. Therefore, it is effortless if the above 3 locations arrange close to each other. More suitable to design above these 3 locations as a triangle. But in the design process need to consider the workspace also.
Further, our kitchen arrangement facilitates to release of wastewater from kitchen sink & dishwasher conveniently. Also, cooker extractor can be connected easily.
Special attention to be drawn to the corner cabinets when arranging cabinets. Since their doors can disturb each other & cannot open properly, therefore required space should be managed. It is much suitable, provide corner racks (accessories) inside the corner cabinets. By this method, corner space can be appropriately utilized & can reach the goods & equipment at corner cupboards easily.
Provide a drawer set near the cooker & breakfast counter is a more useful method.

Raw material to be used

It is required sufficient knowledge about the material when designing the kitchen. Otherwise unable to get a beautiful look for the kitchen and it is wasting your time & money.
Kitchen materials are varying from country to country & area to area. Therefore, we can't compare these items with each other and cannot say one is better than the other. However, we can discuss the main characteristics of the above materials. It will be an assistance to select material for your kitchen.
Materials for doors and carcass should be waterproof & press control. Screw nuts & hinges should be fixed rigidly & cannot dismantle easily.
Worktop materials should be clean easily, preventing from cracking, scratching & stain resistant. Polishing materials which are applying for the worktops should be a sanitary material.

Appliances to be used

There is a vast range of appliances available in the market. Therefore it is a challenging task to find out suitable appliances for your kitchen. Here we should intelligent to buy only the most essential tools. Also consider their durability, warranty & aftercare service. It is worth to know about customer care reviews even. In addition to that, it is better if you can search for Electrical consumption, recycling & whether it is Eco friendly.

finality & Safety

The most important thing is that our kitchen should be a pleasant & safe place for us. While discussing the security, Electrical wiring system is critical. If the wiring system is not in order, our entire home in danger, not only the kitchen.
The required distance between the appliances should be provided. As an example, Refrigerator & Cooker do not locate close to each other & the minimum distance between them should be 600mm. Another point we should pay our attention to is cabinet doors while fixing cabinets. It is more suitable to provide uplift doors above the sink & cooker to avoid the hit the doors with heads.

If you consider all the factors that are given above. Definitely, you can have a successful kitchen design. Beyond these significant factors, there are many minor factors. These minor factors will be felt by common sense while designing the kitchen. I hope you know & confident to design your kitchen now.  


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