Small Kitchen Design 

It is a challenging task for every designer who is willing to design a kitchen for a small apartment. Several points have to be considered before starting this task.

Small Kitchen Design

 This kind of kitchen consists area between 40 to 80 square feet. In this small space, most probably, we have to locate one or two doors and a walkway. Hence, the designer has to face a big challenge, but we can manage this task by studying the situation thoroughly. Some facts are given below to be followed before commencing the kitchen design.

1.       Select minimum and multipurpose appliances
2.       Select small size cupboard and reduce the dimensions
3.       Introduce a breakfast counter to avoid dining area space
4.       Foldable counters  and movable cabinets

1.   Select minimum and multipurpose appliances

small kitchen fewer appliances
Appliances play a significant role in making your kitchen and the surrounding nice and comfortable. To make your day to day life easy, there are many appliances in the market. When you are designing a small kitchen for a cottage house or apartment, many appliances cannot be accommodated. Because it requires more space, so you have to design it using minimum appliances, which can fulfill all the requirements. Therefore the multipurpose and small-sized appliances can be used to accomplish the tasks.
As an example, in an apartment, usually, one or two persons are living. So they cook only one or two times a day. Specially they used to heat and serve the food items. You can use a microwave oven instead of an ordinary oven, small hob and filter type Extractor, a small single door refrigerator, or mini-fridge to make your work easy. It is not required a dishwasher as a small no. of plates & dishes exist. Therefore, It is better to use a wall-mounted or free-standing plate rack on the kitchen sink to drain out. If your client requests dishwasher, you can use a 450 mm built-in type dishwasher. Likewise, you can select appliances to reduce the space and fulfill the requirements. Single bowl single drain is the most commonly used sink in this type of kitchen. But you can use a single bowl sink also.

         2.   Select small size cupboard and change the dimension

small kitchen change the height dimension
Standard cupboard sizes are not suitable for this type of kitchen. So you have to change the depth and height by paying attention to the depth of the appliances while you are reducing the depth of the kitchen cabinet. You can easily reduce the depth of the cupboard in the breakfast counter area and other areas where the appliances are not used. The height of the cupboard also can be reduced to make a better appearance by considering the working height also. If it is getting lower, it is challenging to work on the countertop. So you can not reduce much more in the height dimension.
When we are talking about the wall cabinet, it is the central portion of storage. We can increase the height of the wall cabinet up to ceiling level or any height which you like. When you increase the height of the wall cabinet, you have to be careful about the door Hinges because of the increase in the weight of the door. For the safety, it is better to use leaf up type door hinges because it can be opened up.

        3.   Introduce a breakfast counter to avoid dining area space

small kitchen breakfast counter
It can save considerable space by introducing a breakfast counter instead of having a separate dining area. Peninsula type breakfast counters are ideal for this type of small apartment with one or two stools as well as this counter can be used as a working space. It gives a beautiful look when we design the breakfast counter facing the living area. You can design a Breakfast counter by acquiring space from an adjacent area only for dining. That means you can move dining stools to the adjoining area when you are having meals, and again you can keep these stools under the breakfast counter.

       4.   Foldable counters  and movable cabinets

small kitchen fordable and movable cabinets
Foldable worktop for breakfast counters is helped to get more space to the kitchen. You can design this foldable counters in opening areas or walking areas by concerning the lord you apply for this counter. According to the lord, you can create Hinges and pedestal. The movable cabinet also can be used to utilize the space. Many Japanese designers are using this concept. You can use caster wheels to move the cabinet, and these mobile cabinets are placed in Peninsula Islands. You can use these movable cabinets as an island or a Peninsula as per your requirements and according to space.

We have discussed some facts about that we need to design an apartment kitchen or a small kitchen. Through this description, you can get knowledge about it and design your kitchen. You can use a new concept, and you have to be careful about usage and safety.

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